Measuring Up for a Better Future

On an ongoing basis, we measure and track our carbon emissions, allowing us to monitor our progress, assess key areas requiring action and plan and act accordingly.

Sustainability Reporting

As part of the Freightways group, we are committed to incorporating non-financial criteria into our broader decision-making and public reporting to meet the rising interest from stakeholders in better understanding our company activities and their impacts.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As part of the Freightways group, we are committed to sustainable practices. It is important for us to take steps towards carbon neutrality.

Working with broader businesses

Collaborating with other businesses has helped us to drive further efficiencies to reach our sustainability goals through technology, and accountability.

Toitū Carbon Reduce

Toitū Carbon Reduce

New Zealand Couriers’ commitment to the Toitū Carbon Reduce certification process encourages staff and contractors, together with our business partners and suppliers, to make environmentally positive decisions.

Toitū Customer Emissions Reporting

Our customers using electronic ticketing or prepaid charge labels can now get a Toitū verified Emissions Report for their courier transport.

Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme

Soft Plastic Recycling

We are also partnering with the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme, which currently ensures that over 76% of Kiwis have access to soft plastic recycling within 20km of their home.

Climate Leaders Coalition

Climate Leaders Coalition

As part of Freightways, we are part of the Climate Leaders Coalition, which aims to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy. Our CEO regularly reports to the Board on sustainability, including emissions.