Your mail run. Done.

Don’t have time to visit your PO Box?
We’ll pick up and drop off your business mail for you.
✓ Cost less per day than a flat white
✓ Save hours wasted
at the Post Office
✓ Never miss
important mail
Over 50,000 businesses of all sizes use our shipping services.
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Less leg work. More real work.

Collecting your business mail is important. So too are the 50 other jobs you have on today.

No more mad-dash mail runs


No more being stuck in traffic


No more panic parking at the post office


No more missing items off your to-do list

Less leg work. More real work.
Get more done with Mail Link
You can get on with your real work, while we go to your mailbox and pickup and drop off your business mail.

We clear your PO Box


Door-to-door delivery


One fixed monthly price


Regular mail runs with a team you trust.




Choose your schedule for pick ups and drop offs



Give your courier your PO Box keys



Receive your mailbag when and where you need it

Join 3,000+ Kiwi businesses and win back your time

We understand how important your time is.

10,000+ trips to the post office saved every week

52,000+ items of mail collected every week

120,000+ minutes of productive time saved every week

Join 3,000+ Kiwi businesses and win back your time

Your time won’t take control of itself

Your time won’t take control of itself
When you have mail to drop down to the post office, you always assume it will be a simple task. But what happens when you can’t find time to be away from your desk or find a park at the post office?

Cue frustration and stress, right? You know you’re using valuable time that could be spent growing your business.

Let us take care of it. Mail Link has helped thousands just like you take back control of their time and feel productive again. We can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take New Zealand Couriers to set up and start our mail collection?

Our set-up times to start our service varies between 3-5 days.

Will New Zealand Couriers need access to my building?

Yes, only if your building needs access cards/keys to pick up the Mail during operating hours.

Will New Zealand Couriers need access to my PO box keys?

Yes, to access your Mail in your PO box, our Courier drivers need your PO box keys. However, we recommend keeping the original key with you and providing our courier with a spare/duplicate.

Can I choose my Mail pickup and drop-off time?

Yes, but the times are courier run dependant. Please discuss your requirements during the set-up process!

How does New Zealand Couriers pack and handle my Mail?

We provide you with a purpose-built Mailbag to keep your Mail secure.

Can I track and trace my Mail when they are with the courier?

While online tracking is currently unavailable, contact your nearest branch for any enquires regarding track and trace for your Mail Link services.