Coffee beans delivered to your customers on demand

We’ll get your coffee beans delivered fresh to your customers, every time.
Coffee beans delivered to your customers on demand
✓ Coffee delivered when promised
✓ Fast delivery so your customers get their beans fresh
✓ Clear emissions reporting
Join the top roasters in New Zealand getting coffee delivered to their customers fast

From Roaster to Cup in record time

When coffee beans don’t turn up on time, the operations of a cafe come to a grinding halt. Cafe owners and staff are left feeling powerless when their core product cannot be served to their customers. We believe that coffee lovers should be able to rely on their suppliers to get their stock to them on time, every time.

From Roaster to Cup in record time

Get verified emissions reporting on your deliveries

When shipping your goods, we understand that you want to know that they’re being delivered sustainably. Our TOITŪ verified Carbon Emissions Reporting provides organisations with reliable assurance regarding the accuracy and integrity of their carbon footprint data, helping them track progress, set emission reduction targets, and demonstrate environmental leadership to stakeholders, customers, and investors.

Don’t just take our word for it –

Find out why roasters, importers and manufacturers choose New Zealand Couriers to help them start, grow and thrive.

“We’ve worked with New Zealand Couriers for over 20 years. They understand our business and our industry and we can rely on them to deliver what our customers need when they need it.”

Mikey Palmer
Operations Manager
Underground Coffee

Delight your customers with rapid delivery of your coffee beans


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Coffee will be delivered to your customers fast

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track and/or query the parcels I send with New Zealand Couriers?

Single parcel tracking can be done through our website here. Our tracking tool shows all relevant scan events, so you can stay updated with where it is at in its’ journey.

If you use one of our online shipping platforms, you will be able to access tracking information for all the parcels you’ve sent in one place.

You can also opt to have email or text notifications sent to your customers for each major scan event, so they are kept up to date. Learn about Parcel Notifications here. Note: Parcel Notifications are available on approved shipping platforms and our API.

If something ever goes wrong with a delivery, you will be able to quickly lodge a query in our tracking tool.

How quickly can I be set up and start sending my courier parcels with New Zealand Couriers?

Setting up an account can vary with each set-up type and your requirements.

For a simple prepaid account (peel and stick stickers), we can have you set up in as quick as one day. If an integrated despatch system needs to be set up, the average set-up time is around seven days.

NOTE: We realise that you are very keen to partner with us, and the set-up process may seem lengthy, but much like our deliveries, we are very thorough with our set-up process so that you do not have any hassles after that.

Does it cost extra to get a signature at delivery?

No, signature on delivery is included in our services.

Do New Zealand Couriers have same day collection and despatch services?

Each area is serviced differently, so we have different cut-off times for multiple sites, but in almost all cases we will be able to pick up your parcels on the day you request for a pickup.

We can discuss your options during the set-up process and advise you of your same day collection and despatch times.

Can I use my existing shipping label printer with New Zealand Couriers?

Yes, we can set up your existing printer with our system. Please provide us with the Model, name, and brand of the printer during the time of set-up. (Remote access and local PC admin access)

Are New Zealand Couriers able to provide me with a shipping label printer?

Yes, we can source a printer for you and provide it to you with full integration with our despatch systems.

Do New Zealand Couriers charge additional for electronic platforms set-up & integrations?

No, our integrations and set-ups are free of cost!

What Ecommerce platforms can New Zealand Couriers integrate with?

We integrate with all e-commerce platforms, with 25+ Marketplace integrations with popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Trade Me, Magento, etc.

Are New Zealand Couriers able to notify my customers of the parcel movement?

Yes, read more about our parcel notifications service to find out more!

Do New Zealand Couriers sell packaging materials?

We stock a range of Express Packs/Satchels that can be used for a wide range of deliveries. See the full range here.

We realise no two businesses are the same though. We will discuss your situation and potential packaging options during set-up.

Do New Zealand Couriers have all the necessary warnings or speciality stickers?

Yes, we provide you with most of the necessary stickers, like fragile, this way up, perishables, heavy goods, etc., for easier despatch.