Keep customers returning with courier notifications

Your customers will receive a text or email push notification each step of the parcel journey. They’ll love you for it!
Keep customers returning with courier notifications
Up to date customers
Up to date customers
Improve delivery experience
Improve delivery experience
Keep customers returning
Keep customers returning

Afraid you’ll lose a customer if you can’t answer their delivery question?

Questions like:

“Where’s my parcel?”
“When will it be delivered?”
“Why isn’t it here yet?”
Afraid you'll lose a customer if you can't answer their delivery question?

Give customers an experience worth returning for

Give customers an experience worth returning for
They’ll be able to:

Know where their parcel is each step of the way


Choose a safe place on their property to have their parcel left


Know when their parcel has been delivered

It’s easy to use Parcel Notifications



Fill out the form

Let us know your details and what ticketing system you’re using.


Get enabled

We’ll set them up in your system and let you know when they’re ready to use.


Turn courier notifications on

Simply tick a box and your customers will get messages each step of the way.

Stop feeling like the middleman with no answers

You’re the kind of person who wants to give their customers an experience worth returning for. For that to happen, you need your customers kept in the loop with their deliveries.

The problem is, your customers keep asking you tough questions about their deliveries that you can’t answer, leaving you feeling like they won’t buy from you again. You shouldn’t have to deal with delivery questions that you don’t know the answer to. There must be a better way, right?

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We understand the frustrating feeling of being the middleman without the answers. That’s why we created Parcel Notifications, so your customers can get a relevant update every step of the parcel journey. Here’s how it works;

1. Fill out quick form with your details,

2. We enable notifications on your ticketing system, and

3. You turn on courier notifications at despatch. Easy.

Start using Parcel Notifications now, so you can stop feeling like customers won’t buy from you again and start giving them a delivery experience worth returning for.

Stop feeling like the middleman with no answers

A relevant courier notification for each step of the way

Pick up
Pick up

When the parcel is picked up.

Out for delivery
Out for delivery

When the delivery courier places the parcel in their van.


When the parcel is successfully delivered.

Send courier notifications by email for free or text for 24c per consignment.

They’ll love you for it

James Hardie

“Now we save a lot of time and the communication is much easier for our customers. Our customers love it.”

Parcel Notifications will work for you

They’re used by: Medical, Food and beverage, Retail, Construction, Government, Agriculture, eCommerce, Automotive, Health and fitness, Education, Professional services, Transport, and a lot more!

You can use Parcel Notifications on







Don’t see your ticketing system here?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an account with New Zealand Couriers to generate notifications for parcels I send?

Yes, request a call with us today and create an account!

When do New Zealand Couriers send courier notifications to my customers?

Each delivery is unique, and the parcel notifications differ accordingly. However, the three confirmed notifications which go out to all receivers are:

a) Picked up by the courier (email only)

b) Out for delivery (email & SMS)

c) Delivered (email & SMS)

How much do Parcel Notifications cost me?

We have two types of parcels notifications available upon request, they cost:

a) Emails – Free

b) SMS – 24c per consignment (includes 2 x messages, in transit & delivery)

Can I use Parcel Notifications for ‘peel and stick’ ticket deliveries?

No, you need to be using an approved Electronic Despatch System to generate Parcel Notifications for your deliveries.

Can I customise the notifications given to the receivers?

Our Parcel Notifications have a standard look for all deliveries and include all necessary information about the parcel being delivered.