Check an address

Our Address Checker tool lets you see whether a delivery address is considered by us to be in a Rural / Non-Urban Zone, a Business Zone, a Residential Zone, or if we deliver to an address on a Saturday (available for all main metropolitan areas).

For more information, see ticketing guidelines or calculate which ticket to use and how many with our online calculator.

To check these details for any address, just type into the field below. Select from the list that appears as you type and press enter.

If you are unable to locate the address you are seeking please call us on 0800 800 841.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my address not showing up?

Please check your address for any typos or errors. If there have been road/ town changes then try using a previous name. Wait a few days and try again. It may take a few weeks for new buildings and developments to update to the address.

Why does my address say it’s rural when other providers don’t say it’s rural?

Rural/ Non-Urban areas are defined by New Zealand Couriers as those that sit outside our regularly serviced areas (Business and residential Delivery Zones) and may differ from the rural classification of other courier and postal companies.

How do I know whether my delivery address is considered a business zone, residential or rural-non-urban zone?

Residential zone is considered by us to be a delivery to a low-density delivery zone and business zone is a high-density delivery zone. Find out more details here.