Calculate tickets needed

You can use our tickets to send items throughout New Zealand. Select the type of ticket to use and how many you need based on the destination, weight and size of the item you want to send.

Our ticket calculator will help you check which is the right ticket for you, how many to use and give you an estimated price for your tickets. Please contact your nearest branch on 0800 800 841 to confirm the cost or for any further assistance.


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The maximum weight per item is 25kgs. The maximum length is 180cms. The maximum volumetrics is 0.1m3. If your package exceeds any of these maximum dimensions, we will not be able to accept it. ‘Caution Heavy Item’ stickers are required for parcels over 20kg – Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this ticket calculator for? 

The Ticket Calculator is for prepaid ticket holders and casual cash sales customers who want to calculate the cost, the type and number of tickets for sending their package from one location to another. 

What can I send or not send?

We accept items up to a maximum of 25kgs or 0.100m3 in size for parcel items.  
If using our Express Packs we accept items up to 15kgs as long as the item is secure inside the pack. 
Please note that Prohibited items and Dangerous Goods – unless compatible with our Dangerous Goods Policy are unable to be accepted into our network. 
The R18 – Restricted Delivery ticket means the courier will ask to see ID if the receiver looks under 25 years of age. Find out more information here.

How do I package my product?

We recommend using sturdy and protective packaging for fragile items. Find out how to package your parcel here.