A better New Zealand. A better planet. Browse what we’re doing as part of our commitment to sustainability, minimising our environmental footprint and helping our communities.


Environmental initiatives we’re undertaking

Our Sustainable Development Goals create a framework for change.

We recognise our core business relies on transportation, and as an emissions-intense organisation, we plan to continuously do better.

Environmental Approach

“Working with partners who align with our values and have a commitment to sustainability is important to us. The emissions reporting we receive each month contributes to our greater reporting, giving us a clearer picture of our carbon footprint.”

Bernie Brown, Manager Contracts and Relationships
Ara Poutama Aotearoa, Department of Corrections

Reducing emissions for a better future


Reducing emissions for a better future

As part of our commitment to the environmental future, we are Toitū-certified, and in 2021, our parent company Freightways was named a Top 10 Carbon Reducer by Toitū Envirocare.


Committed to a more sustainable world

Climate Leaders Coalition
Keep New Zealand Beautiful
Toitū Carbon Reduce
Soft Plastic Recycling

On an ongoing basis, we measure and track our carbon emissions, allowing us to monitor our progress, assess key areas requiring action and reduce accordingly.


Helping our communities

The New Zealand Couriers team supports a number of charities by providing logistical support, donations and other valuable services.

Reducing Plastics


Reducing fossil-based virgin plastic use by 70%

We’re committed to reducing the amount of virgin plastics we use and ensuring the rest are either reusable, recyclable or upcycled.

To back that commitment up, we set ourselves a target to reduce fossil-based virgin plastic use by more than 70% by 2023.

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