Environmental Approach

We want to see a better tomorrow. With clear objectives and a framework, we can make a material difference. Our commitment to sustainability is long-term efforts that make improvements for generations to come.

Committed to a Better Tomorrow

A big part of our sustainability efforts is focusing on the environment. We recognise that our core business relies on transportation to service our customers. As a leader in an emissions-intense industry, our commitment to the Climate Leaders Coalition and the Toitū certification process encourages our people and partners to make environmentally positive daily decisions.

We are proud that our efforts continue to help reduce the global warming impacts from New Zealand.

Environmental Approach

Sustainable Development Goals

As part of the Freightways Group, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) framework becomes a lens through which positive change can be achieved.
Good Health and Well-Being
Sustainable Development Goal 3

People lie at the heart of who we are. Relationships, expertise and hard work are integral to our ability to add value on a daily basis.

Our commitment to SDG3 reflects our intention to protect the health and well-being of those who work here and to minimise the adverse impacts our vehicles have in our communities.

Applying this SDG to how we plan ensures that we always carefully consider the human implications in the acquisitions we make and the actions and initiatives we undertake. Read more about SDG3.

Decent Work and Economic Growth
Sustainable Development Goal 8

To be successful as a business, employer and as a partner to our contractor drivers, we need to foster an inclusive work environment while providing the services that meet the needs of our customers.

Success depends on building an environment where a diverse team of committed Kiwis can contribute, develop their skills and be paid fairly. Our business growth is fuelled by encouraging our team of professionals to consistently learn and develop.

Our internal quarterly magazine, ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’, offers our contractors tips and information for running a successful business.

Meanwhile, our contractors also have benefitted from network optimisation, improved density and our Pricing for Effort (PFE) initiative. The resulting lift in earnings has made it easier for couriers to reinvest in modern, fuel-efficient vehicles. The number of contractors needing to be recruited has reduced by 10% year on year, while the number of those wanting to be New Zealand Couriers contractors increased. Read more about SDG8.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Sustainable Development Goal 9

We are focused on adding value for our customers at every opportunity.

Whether it is working to constantly improve our business, helping our customers improve their supply chain and ‘final mile’ services, or introducing ‘step-change’ improvements, we play an integral role in helping our customers work more efficiently, responsibly and profitably. Read more about SDG9.

Climate Action
Sustainable Development Goal 13

The efficiencies our business brings to our customers’ supply chain substantially reduce emissions throughout the economy. In addition, services such as residential deliveries are now vastly reducing emissions, with private vehicles spending less time on-road.

We are in a high-emissions industry – but long-term planning and collaboration mean we are able to directly introduce supply chain improvements that will help safeguard the planet for future generations. Read more about SDG13.

Many of our customers choose to use plastic satchels. By introducing recycled content to their production and looking for innovative ways of injecting used plastics into the recycling stream, we facilitate reductions in our customers’ plastic usage.

We have an absolute focus on ‘circularity’ and the reduction of single-use virgin fossil-based plastics. Read more about reducing plastics.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Sustainable Development Goal 16

Our parent company, Freightways, is a publicly-listed business that partners with numerous other institutions and contractors in New Zealand and Australia.

Our geographic spread of brands, employees and worksites, and our desire to contribute to the economy and the community leaves no flexibility in the context of ethical and legal obligations.

Whether it be gender equality, diversity of thought and origin, the environment or justice – we will be fair and accountable.

Read more about SDG16.

Key Approaches

There are several ways we have reduced our impact on the environment in recent years – and more are being developed.

Some of our key approaches include:

Measuring up

On an ongoing basis, we measure and track our carbon emissions, allowing us to monitor our progress, assess key areas requiring action and plan and act accordingly. We are Toitū Carbon Reduced certified. Read more.

Modern & well-maintained

We use modern equipment. It is our current aim for the company vehicle fleet to be no older than 4 years, and we seek to take advantage of the lower emissions technology in recent vehicles. Regular maintenance and servicing of all company vehicles help ensure ongoing safety and low emissions, and we require all independent contractors to have late-model vehicles.

Future forward

We are currently transitioning our fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles. We will always look to make the most of new technology as it enters the market, and to keeping an ear to the ground for new innovation is a crucial part of our business strategy.

Efficiency in action

Our delivery network minimises the kilometres driven and flown through utilising run density and route optimisation.

The rewards from recycling

All of our plastic and paper e-packs are fully recyclable and contain New Zealand sourced recycled content. Additionally, we actively participate in workplace recycling and responsible waste management.

Education & association

We work to ensure all staff and contractors are aware of our environmental objectives. We align our business with suppliers who can ably demonstrate their environmental practices, and we make our partners aware of our policies and goals. That’s how we use our networking capability to effect change beyond our immediate business.

Protecting the Environment

New Zealand Couriers, as part of Freightways, recognises that sustainable business practices are fundamental to our future.

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our daily business operations and actively seek and embrace initiatives that protect the environment.

This includes strategies for:

To balance the commercial needs of our business with our responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate.

To promote cleaner air by minimising carbon emissions.

To, wherever practical, implement actions that recycle, reuse and minimise waste of the products and resources we consume.

To promote education and awareness of better environmental practices among stakeholders.

To seek to partner and work with others who can demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

2035 Science-based Targets

Our parent company, Freightways had a baseline carbon footprint of 50,625 tonnes of CO2e in 2020.

Freightways is committed to playing its part in the new carbon reality, but the technology solutions will take time.

Freightways’ 2030 target of 33,170 tonnes of CO2e (35% reduction) and 2035 target of 25,313 tonne CO2e (50% reduction).

Freightways’ 2030 target of 33,170 tonnes of CO2e (35% reduction) and 2035 target of 25,313 tonne CO2e (50% reduction) are science-based, aligning with what society needs to achieve globally to keep global warming to between 1.5°C and 2°C.