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By getting to know what we can offer your business with sending and receiving there’s a good chance you’ll save time, money and unnecessary stress in the future. This page provides insights to help new and existing customers get the most from their couriering.

Getting started

You will have received your customer number and PIN allowing you to access our quick and easy self-services as well as helping our customer services provide you with fast response to your queries.

Ring 0800 800 841
Keep these details somewhere handy for quick reference:
  • My customer number: XXXXXXX
  • My PIN number: XXXXXXXX
  • Customer services: 0800 800 841
  • Voiceless Activated Network (VAN) Book in less than 10 secs: 0800 692 687

Plus: Remember to bookmark useful pages on this site

Making your job easier

Managing your deliveries shouldn’t be complicated. Why spend time on the phone when you can access a wide range of online tools to complete a majority of your transactions quickly and easily?

Making your job easier
It doesn't get easier to:
  • Book: Your courier is a just couple of clicks away. Use now
  • Calculate: Check which ticket, how many to use and an estimate price. Use now
  • Buy: Order tickets and packs for delivery next working day. Use now
  • Check: Is your destination rural / non-urban, do we deliver on a Saturday? Use now
  • Track: Get the status and location of your item anytime. Use now
  • Query: Enquire about your sent item online rather than waiting on the phone.

Keeping you informed

Keeping you informed

We like to keep in regular contact with you without clogging up your inbox. As a valued customer you can expect to receive:

  • Our eNewsletter
    Out every two months, our aim is to inform and entertain with a mix of business insights, services to make your life easier, humour and chances to win!
  • Occasional critical communications or service alerts
    Only required to update you on the essentials such as network disruptions, Christmas hours etc.

Smarter solutions

We're always looking at ways to save you time, money and hassle. There are many additional services that could benefit your business and we offer opportunities to tailor these to your specific needs – make sure you talk to our experts today.

Smarter solutions
Check out these examples of great ways to get greater efficiency today:
  • We'll collect your mail
    Our reliable, rapid and efficient MailLink service collects from your PO or DX Box and delivers to your business and picks up from your office and lodges with NZ Post or NZDX, starting at under $4 a day. Find out more
  • Get signed documents back pronto
    Get important documents requiring signing delivered and returned quickly with Greenpac+Loop. Minimal delay to your business, environmental re-use of packs, no account needed by receiver, one price nationwide! Purchase

Our international service

Our international service

We have a dedicated team of international freight specialists ready to help make sending and receiving from overseas as simple as possible for you.

A New Zealand Couriers account means you're all set to send to over 220 countries and receive from over 180 today with no extra setup. There are several international courier options you can choose from as well as many additional services that will save you time, cost and hassle.

Export or import according to your needs:
  • International Express: Fast, door to door international delivery; next day to main centres in Australia, 3-4 days to main centres in Asia, Europe & US.
  • Premium NOON document(export only): Ultimate guarantee of 2 day delivery or additional cost refund to four key centres: Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore.
  • International economy: When cost is more important than speed, this service provides a cost effective solution to key destinations around the world and door-to-door delivery during business hours.*
  • Priority service (available for all express & economy services – includes insurance): Priority handling throughout the journey and automatic confirmation of delivery.
  • Additional services: A wide range of ways to make your international sending easy and efficient, including enhanced liability insurance, fast tracked security and our overseas ePost service.
  • Special services: We'll tailor a service for your time sensitive, large heavy, hazardous or unusual shipments.

*Note: min chargeable weight for international economy exports is 10kg.

Talk to our international team now on 0800 800 841.