International Express Fuel Surcharge

The current fuel factor % for international express services is:
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January 202427.50%
December 202332.50%
November 202331.50%
October 202327.50%
September 202326.50%
August 202317.00%
July 202318.00%
June 202318.50%
May 202319.00%
April 202320.50%
March 202321.50%
February 202321.50%
January 202312.00%
December 20228.00%
November 20228.00%


Fuel costs are understandably one of the most significant and variable components of international courier line haul. The International Express Surcharge has been introduced as a mechanism for recovering variable costs to avoid imposing high fixed charges permanently.

The fuel surcharge percentage for New Zealand Couriers International services is subject to monthly adjustment based on the published U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) spot price for Kerosene-type jet fuel. Details can be found here.

By using this mechanism, we can:

  1. Provide transparency for customers to see how it is calculated
  2. Consider any shifts in the price of fuel that impact significantly on the price of moving courier items
  3. Pass on any reductions should the price of fuel decrease

Implementing the Express surcharge practice aligns with the other key providers in the international market.

Additionally, some optional services and surcharges may be applicable; please find them here.

Prohibited and Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a risk when they are not correctly packed or handled. If the goods are hidden, declared incorrectly, left completely undeclared, packed or labelled incorrectly, health and safety is compromised, and penalties may be incurred.

Be mindful of the Prohibited and Dangerous Goods for these services.