Consent of Disclosure

Having made an application to New Zealand Couriers Limited (the “Company”) for a credit account, irrevocably agree with the Company that it:

  1. May collect and use information as it considers necessary (in its absolute discretion) for its credit enquiries, collection and account administration purposes from any person as it considers appropriate (in its absolute discretion).
  2. Is authorized to receive from any person information that it considers necessary (in its absolute discretion) for the Company’s credit enquiries, collection and account administration purposes.
  3. Is authorized to require (from any person) such information which it considers necessary (in its absolute discretion) in regard to any credit enquiriesregarding me, made by any person.
  4. May collect and use name, address, telephone number and email address provided on the credit application form and any amendments subsequently provided thereto for caller identification purposes and in respect of any enquiry concerning tickets, consignments or claims and I will provide such information to any person on request.
  5. May also use the contact details described above to provide information to me relating to the Company marketing and promotional activities.
  6. May review its decision whether or not to supply or continue to supply to me on credit terms if I do not provide the Company with the requested information and I acknowledge that I have certain rights under the Privacy Act 1993 (as amended, replaced or re-enacted from time) to access and request correction of the information the Company holds about me.
  7. May provide any of the information provided in the credit application form or described paragraphs 1-6 above to any other company or business within the “Freightways Group” (including but not limited to Post Haste Limited, Castle Parcels Limited, NOW Couriers Limited, Messenger Services Limited (SUB60 and Kiwi Express), New Zealand Document Exchange Limited (Online Security Services and DX Mail), Parceline Express Limited and Sweetspot Group Limited and any other company or business acquired by a company within the Freightways Group) for the purpose of opening a credit account in my name with any of those companies or businesses (and I agree to the opening of any such account in my name).

Where information is provided to other members of the Freightways Group in accordance with the consent in paragraph 7 above, I acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions applicable to the credit account opened in my name will be those of the relevant individual company or business within the Freightways Group and not those included with this application form (and, upon opening of the credit account, the relevant company or business will email a copy of those terms and conditions to the email address provided in the application form).