We understand your time is valuable - the tools to make your life easier are right here. We have a wide range of quick and easy services that can help save you hassle and cost.

Handy tools

Track your item
Track your itemLink

Stay in the know for where your parcel goes. Simply enter your product code and ticket number for a real-time track and trace update on the status of your item.

Address checker
Address checkerLink

Check to see if an address you're sending to is considered a residential or rural location, or whether we offer a Saturday delivery service there with this quick-find tool.

Ticket calculator
Ticket calculatorLink

Unsure which ticket to use and how many? With a few measurements you'll be ready to go in no time and you can receive an estimated price.


While we always try and get the parcel in your hands first time sometimes things don't go as planned. If you've missed a delivery, here is where you go.

Integrate track and trace
Integrate track and traceLink

To help your customers easily follow the path of your products we have a couple of options for how you can integrate track and trace on your website.

Get a quote
Get a quoteLink

It's convenient and easy and will get your parcel moving in next to no time. Get it sorted with a quick quote here.

Nearest NZC location
Nearest NZC locationLink

Find out where the nearest New Zealand Couriers location is to you. Simply enter your address and see a full list of the Branch and Delivery Link Partners (Agents & Collect / Send Points) that are closest to your address.

Account services

Book a courier
Book a courierLink

Arrange for a courier pick-up online - there's no need to phone or leave your desk. With just a few clicks your courier will be notified there is an item ready for collection.

Order products
Order productsLink

To get courier tickets and E-Packs quickly and confidently we have an easy-to-use and quick-to-deliver system of online ordering. Simply log in and order on.

VAN Voiceless Network
VAN Voiceless Activated

Want to order a pick-up in less than 10 seconds? With your PIN you'll be able to book your courier with ease thanks to our clever automated service. VAN Freephone 0800 692 687. For PIN help call 0800 800 841.

Overseas with ePost
Overseas with ePostLink

For regularly sending low-cost items to Australia, China, UK or USA this service has all the cost-effectiveness of a standard postal service with the convenience of a specialised courier delivery.

Get email invoices
Get email

Save the hassle and avoid the waste of paper invoices. Help look after our planet by getting all your invoices online.

Check your pickup address
Check your pickup addressLink

Quickly double check which address we have logged for you account and ensure your courier's gets the right location.