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    Introducing Pass the Parcel - Trusted Home Delivery.
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Residential Deliveries

55 years ago, New Zealand's courier networks were built around business to business deliveries, the growth of online shopping has changed all that. Today, more than a quarter of Kiwis prefer to shop online, and deliveries to home addresses continue to skyrocket.

That is why Pass the Parcel is now a key service provided by New Zealand Couriers. For the first time, you'll have a robust, dedicated solution that's specifically targeted to your residential customers, using the latest technology and the strength of the country's largest courier network. You'll see more delivery and pricing options, improved visibility and communication, better advice and support, and more successful first-time deliveries.

From 1 July 2019, all residential bound items are subject to a residential delivery charge. For standard ticketed items, an additional residential ticket must be applied.

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Reliability, Communication and Visibility

Committed to delivering New Zealand's best residential courier service

You may know Pass the Parcel as an existing brand for ‘online traders' provided by Post Haste Couriers.
A new service is also being introduced, using the Pass the Parcel name for trusted home delivery services across all Freightways courier companies.

Pass the Parcel - Trusted Home Delivery is the only courier service in New Zealand solely dedicated to residential delivery. As your trusted courier partner, we've designed it specifically to meet your needs
– and improve your customers' delivery experience.

For us, it's a sustainable delivery model that'll take us into the future. For you, it's a better, more reliable home delivery solution: fewer issues, exceptional service and happier customers.

Benefits at a glance

Targeted home delivery

Because we're not a mail or large freight company we can focus on the delivery of small packages to your customers' homes, as quickly as possible.

Better residential delivery capacity and coverage

Pass the Parcel uses the breadth and strength of the express courier brands within the Freightways Group. We leverage a network of more than 1,100 courier contractors to ensure your customers parcel is delivered the best way possible.

More successful first-time deliveries

Using new scanner hardware and state-of-the-art software, we can send your customer a text or e-mail notification to let them know their item is on the way. If they won't be home, customers can give us authority to leave their items in a safe place.

More delivery options

We're expanding our network of agents – places such as petrol stations where your customers can pick up/drop off items or purchase courier tickets. We'll also be introducing a 24-hour nationwide Parcel Locker Network, where customers can get their items sent and held securely until they're ready to collect them.

Better address accuracy

Accurate address validation via our dispatch software and web address checkers means swifter delivery to residential addresses and full visibility on any additional charges.

National coverage, local support

With access to our customer services teams based in 40 branches across the country, you'll talk to someone with local knowledge who can provide quick, proactive support for all your queries.

Enhanced reporting

Increased functionality and clearer, more accurate reporting for those customers using our freight management systems.

Better advice and support

Our customer services and account management teams across the entire Freightways Group understand Pass the Parcel. No matter who you deal with, you'll get targeted, useful advice and support on all your home delivery questions.

Integration with e-commerce platforms

Our despatch systems offer off-the-shelf integration with New Zealand's leading e-commerce shopping platforms. It will streamline your despatch and give you greater visibility than ever before.

Reverse logistics and returns

You'll have more options to enable your customers to return orders, when and where required.

How does it work?

Pass the Parcel offers a customised pricing model, where a small charge is added to reflect the extra effort required – a bit like a rural delivery. We are confident the benefits far outweigh the nominal cost. From improved delivery coverage and options, to better address accuracy and more successful first-time deliveries, it provides a far better experience for you and your customers.

Engage with us

Engage with us

Email, call or book a courier online.

Prepare the item

Prepare the item

The address can be checked and validated using our handy online address checker. Simply attach the standard prepaid ticket and add a residential ticket, or print a label if you use electronic ticketing.

Pick up

Pick up

The item is picked up and hits our network. More delivery options and access to the entire Freightways Group of 1,100 express couriers means we can find the quickest, most reliable way to get it delivered.

Track it

Track it

New scanner hardware and state of the art courier software enables better tracking for you and your customer. And if you need help, you can talk to one of our local support staff in one of 40 branches across the country.

Delivery notification

Delivery notification

A text or e-mail can be sent to your customer to let them know their item is on its way. The customer can give authority to leave the item, or make other arrangements if they know they're not going to be home.

Item delivered

Item delivered

With a far increased rate of successful first-time delivery, better communication, improved tracking and more delivery options, you'll have fewer issues and far happier customers.

What is a Residential delivery?

A residential delivery is defined by New Zealand Couriers as a delivery to a low-density delivery zone that includes, but is not limited to, residential homes, businesses operating from Residential homes, and businesses that are surrounded by residential homes. Use our Address Checker to check an address now.

Pass the Parcel is set to transform the residential delivery market.
Talk to your account manager or call us on 0800 800 841 to get it underway for your customers.

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