Mail Delivery and Pickup

Smart solutions to save you time and money.

Mail Delivery and Pickup

The key benefits of our additional services:

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The pick-up service your business shouldn't put off

With our popular MailLink service we'll collect from your PO Box or DX Box and get it to you quickly and assuredly. We can also pick up your mail and lodge it with NZ Post or NZDX to be sent. Either way you'll save valuable resources – the daily time, money and parking hassles that so often come with a ‘simple' mail run. You'll pay a fixed monthly rate and, with the service starting at just a few dollars a day, the benefits will be quickly delivered.

How it works:

  1. Select your schedule (frequency, time, days)
  2. Provide your courier with the box keys
  3. Receive a dedicated mailbag when and where you need it


Choose your path and stay on track.

Create your own inter-company post and courier service by using our Branchlink service to connect your branches and offices around the area or country, We'll pass through the locations you require (i.e. branch offices, customers or suppliers) at the same time every day. If you have a small amount of inter-branch mail we also offer a cost-effective DX Mail overnight solution.

How it works:

  1. Establish your route and requirements
  2. Select your schedule (pickup, delivery times)
  3. Receive a dedicated mailbag when and where you need it

Customised Solutions

Exclusive answers. Everyday success

We are well known for providing solutions precisely tailored to our customer's requirements. This service covers virtually anything a courier could conceivably do, from dedicated couriers and back-up teams to personalised line-haul arrangements and schedules. Despite the history and success of our company we haven't forgotten the reason for this success. We don't just deliver packages – we are your logistics experts. With our experience we can ensure you dominate with distribution.

How it works:

  1. Call your local New Zealand Couriers branch
  2. Have a chat about what you need and your goals for sending in the future
  3. We'll then work with you and our departments to devise the perfect despatch solution