Toitū - Carbon Reduce Certified - Our greenhouse gas emissions are measured in accordance with ISO 14064-1.


Driving change

Across five decades delivering in New Zealand we've seen fundamental changes in how guardianship of our country is perceived. The need for both individuals and businesses to take a greater role in protection of this environment has never been more apparent.

As part of the Freightways Group we are committed to maintaining our status as a Toitū - Carbon Reduce certified organization. This is a big step towards achieving carboNZero certification, and involves measuring, managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This commitment is one way we can help both our team and our greater business network reduce their carbon emissions and minimise their impact on the environment.

We can't afford to sit back in satisfaction with what we've achieved either. So we will continue to test and develop new systems and products. And we'll drive our company with greater environmental awareness and action to ensure we can thrive in this beautiful country for the next five decades and beyond.

Waste not. Want not. Why not?

There are a number of ways little changes can affect the big picture when it comes to minimising the environmental impact of our activities. From regular vehicle maintenance to shorter delivery routes to office recycling procedures, extra focus and care can make a huge difference. It makes business sense too – more often than not environmentally sustainable policies deliver practical everyday efficiencies and ongoing cost effectiveness.

One such initiative we are proud of was the creation of our Greenpac™ range. 100% recyclable and reusable, it helps make sending documents just that little bit greener. When you need both shipping convenience and environmental friendliness this is without question the best choice to make.


Q: Do you have an environmental policy?

Yes. Our broad environmental policy has been defined by our membership in the Freightways Group. Additionally we have specific initiatives unique to New Zealand Couriers.

Q: What environmental initiatives are you currently undertaking?

There are a number of ways we have reduced our impact on the planet in recent years – and there are more being currently developed. Some of our key approaches include:

  1. Measuring up. On an ongoing basis we measure and track our carbon emissions, allowing us to monitor our progress, assess key areas requiring action and plan and act accordingly.
  2. Modern and well maintained. Using modern equipment. It is our current aim for the company vehicle fleet to be no older than 4 years, taking advantage of the lower emissions technology in recent vehicles. Regular maintenance and servicing of all company vehicles helps ensure both ongoing safety and low emissions, and we require all independent contractors to have late model vehicles.
  3. Future forward. We are currently trialling hybrid vehicles in our fleet. We will always look to make the most of new technology as it enters the market, and keeping an ear to the ground for new innovation is a crucial part of our business strategy.
  4. Efficiency in action. Every little gain makes a difference. Our delivery network minimises the kilometres driven and flown between A and B. We are also currently developing electronic invoicing and a number of other small everyday changes that make a difference.
  5. The rewards from recycling. All of our plastic and paper e-packs are fully recyclable. Additionally we actively participate in workplace recycling and waste management, and all document destruction is securely recycled.
  6. Education and association. We make certain all staff and contractors are aware of our environmental objectives. We also align our business with suppliers who can ably demonstrate their environmental practices, and we make our partners aware our policies and our goals. That's how we use our networking capability to affect change beyond our immediate business.
Q: Are you working on reducing your emissions?

Of course. It is a reality of our work in the transport and freight industry that emissions are an ongoing challenge. We continue to develop and build our initiatives to provide greater overall efficiencies. We consider this a vitally important step in our quest to both maintain and improve New Zealand's unique environment. We are a Toitū - Carbon Reduce certified organisation.

Q: What does it mean to be a Toitū - Carbon Reduce certified organisation?

New Zealand Couriers' greenhouse gas emissions are measured in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2006 and we are committed to managing and reducing our relative emissions. We are currently committed to a five year reduction plan, with longer-term targets being developed on an ongoing basis. We believe that our commitment to the Toitū - Carbon Reduce certification process encourages staff and contractors, together with our business partners and suppliers, to make environmentally positive decisions every day.

Q: What are some of the ways that I can help?

All of our plastic/paper e-packs are recyclable – so you can start there. Also, cardboard Greenpacs™ can be used more than once, which is both convenient and planet-friendly. Avoiding the paper trail is also helpful. Where possible we suggest using our online services to get as much done as possible. If you regularly send documents or items between your branches, customers or suppliers and are using tickets or e-packs, a customised solution may reduce e-pack and ticket wastage (and save you money).

Q: Where can I learn more?

There is a huge range of resources online that can help individuals and businesses reduce their environmental impact. We suggest starting here with Enviro-Mark Solutions. Also, you may wish to visit the website of one of our primary sponsorships – Keep New Zealand Beautiful and join us in looking after our beautiful country.

Supporting the Soft Plastic Scheme

Many of our customers chose to send items in plastic satchels. Why? These satchels are water resistant, light resistant, strong (puncture resistant) and have often have recycled plastic content - they are also class 4 recyclables. However, they are not the perfect solution for our environment - and as a business, New Zealand Couriers is working hard to find solutions.

New Zealand Couriers is a member of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme. As members, we financially contribute to collection services from stores, quality control and baling of the soft plastic materials, transport to end processor and the cost of processing into new products (posts, cable covers etc). The scheme has been working closely to help develop new NZ processors. Post-consumer Soft Plastic has no value as a commodity and to encourage processors to use the waste the scheme actually pays processing fees.

The scheme provides a solution for some packaging e.g. courier packs to be recycled in NZ and also actively supporting the development of new end processing systems.

The Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme is also actively working with some exciting new businesses who will we hope add to NZ’s capacity to process soft plastics – New Zealand Couriers is proud to be doing their bit.