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Delivering On Time, Every Time

Our latest Network Pressure Test Results are out!

As part of our commitment to providing industry-leading service, we have commissioned ten independent Residential Network Pressure Tests by Mobius Research & Strategy since January 2020. These tests help us consistently evaluate our performance under pressure, so we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

In May 2024, during the lead-up to Mother’s Day, our network underwent a rigorous pressure test. Mother’s Day ranks among the top five sales holidays for eCommerce in New Zealand, reflecting significant consumer spending.

What happened, and what were the results?

On 8th May 2024, 398 parcels were sent from Auckland to identical residential addresses around New Zealand. 199 parcels through New Zealand Couriers and 199 parcels through a competitor. 

This Residential Network Pressure test found that New Zealand Couriers, on average, delivered 17 hours and 23 minutes earlier than the competitor to the same residential addresses. That’s nearly twice as fast!

Download the May 2024 Network Pressure Test Report to see how our network performed.

What’s Causing Cart Abandonment?

Struggling with High Cart Abandonment? Here’s some quick tips!

Cart abandonment is a significant issue, with the average abandonment rate across all industries at a staggering 69.99%. Understanding the factors contributing to this is essential for any eCommerce business looking to improve its conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. Here’s some quick tips you could implement today.

1. Check Page load speed

According to recent statistics, 47% of consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less, and an alarming 40% of customers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. To avoid this issue, optimising your website for speed is critical. This can involve various strategies, such as compressing images, leveraging browser caching, and improving server response times.

2. Shipping Information

Transparency about shipping details can reduce uncertainty and build trust, with studies showing that 87% of online shoppers conduct thorough research on delivery details before finalising their purchase.

Providing estimated shipping times and including a link to the courier’s website where customers can track their parcels can significantly enhance the user experience.

3. Keep it Simple

A complex checkout process can be a major deterrent, with 21% of online shoppers abandoning their shopping carts if it is too cumbersome. By simplifying the steps, reducing the required fields, and offering a guest checkout option, you can make the transaction process smoother and help customers reach their desired goals more easily.

Robert Levy, Marketing & Sustainability Manager at New Zealand Couriers, also emphasises the growing concern around data privacy. In a recent Retail NZ podcast, he noted, “The concerns about data privacy have led consumers to be more cautious with sharing personal information, so a lack of a guest checkout was the top reason for cart abandonment.” For more insights, listen to the full episode in collaboration with Retail NZ here.

For more insights on reducing cart abandonment, check out our latest eCommerce Consumer Insights report. Get your copy now – it’s free!

Helping Kiwi Kids Thrive

Helping Kiwi Kids Thrive

New Zealand Couriers, along with all New Zealand businesses under Freightways, are very proud to be sponsors of KidsCan Charitable Trust. The charity helps students by providing them with breakfast, snacks, hot meals, jackets, shoes, and health items—essentials that put them in the best possible position to settle in class, stay well, and learn. The New Zealand Couriers team recently had the opportunity to help with this.

As temperatures drop, these essentials become increasingly vital, ensuring kids can engage in learning and have the chance at a better future.

Get involved today and help keep Kiwi kids stay warm, well and ready to learn.


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