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Maximise your Revenue this Holiday Season

Prepare early and set yourself up for success!

Did you know: In the lead-up to the Matariki holiday this year, there was a 4.3% increase in Eftpos payments, nearly reaching $2.92 Billion!

This highlights a pre-holiday period for consumer spending can be just as crucial as the actual holiday itself. And it’s not just about numbers – early preparation allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition, meet customer demand, and create a seamless shopping experience.

So don’t wait until the last minute – start your holiday preparations now!

Here’s some tips to set yourself up for success!
Plan Ahead

Anticipate the increase in customer demand during peak seasons/holidays by analysing historical data and market trends. This will help you make accurate sales projections, optimise inventory levels, and ensure you have enough stock to meet customer demands. Consider employing seasonal staff or outsourcing tasks to external partners to handle the increased workload.

Optimise your eCommerce

Businesses today must have a strong online presence. Update your website with promotions, special offers, and holiday-themed campaigns. Leverage social media platforms and email marketing to reach existing and potential customers. Engage with your audience and create a sense of excitement around your products or services in the upcoming holiday season.

Streamline Delivery Communication

Effective communication with your delivery partners will help ensure smooth operations and timely deliveries. Notify your delivery partners about your business’ closure dates to prevent parcels from being delivered while you’re away. For your customers, consider parcel notifications to give them more information and control over their deliveries.

We’ve made it easier for you to prepare for the holidays when your business is closed. Here is a form so you can let us know when your business is closed and avoid items being delivered while you’re away.

If you are closed only on statutory holidays (Dec 25-26 & Jan 1 – 2), you do not need to fill out this form.

New Zealand Couriers Website

Is our website looking different?

Our dedicated team has worked to make your online experience better. We optimised our website’s navigation so you can track your parcels in a single search, or find your nearest pick-up/drop-off location! Visit our refreshed website – we can’t wait for you to explore the new and improved features!

Take your Business Global!

Is it time for your business to venture abroad?

If you have been considering expanding your business globally, then there is no better time than now.

Global Merchandise Trade volume grew 1.7% in 2023 so far and is predicted to rise a further 3.2% in 2024.

We understand that taking the first step can be daunting.

That’s where our international team come in. Logistics is central to your success, and New Zealand Couriers will help you from the initial planning phase to getting your product into your customer’s hands.

Your product deserves to go global

Are you ready to unlock new opportunities and tap into the vast potential of the international market?

Making international shipping easy is what we do:

  • 7,000+ items moved around the world every month
  • 900+ happy customers sending every month
  • 220+ regions covered
  • Trusted international partners extend our capacity, reliability and speed
  • Wide range of options for international post and courier services
  • Operating internationally since 1981

It’s no wonder we have the know-how, tools and services to help you map out your international strategy, take your first steps and see your business grow and thrive.

Our international team can help you overcome the hurdles, reach new markets and benefit from a international customer base.

KNZB – Clean Up Week 2023

Keep New Zealand Beautiful Clean Up Week 2023

When Kiwis work together, we make a huge difference, and the annual Clean Up Week run by Keep New Zealand is just one example.

Every year, tens of thousands of volunteers participate nationwide. So many friends, family, school and business groups organise their own cleanups, but there are also local public events to join in with around the country. Last year, 67,400 volunteers took part last year and cleaned up the equivalent of 5,751 rugby fields.

New Zealand Couriers has belonged to KNZB for over 20 years. This year, 600 of our team took part in clean-up around the country!

This year, the event ran from 16 – 22 September! But the great news is that cleaning up does not have to be limited to one week. Check out the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Resources to find out how you can take part on the daily.


Win 1 of 2 $150 KNZB vouchers & a 1-year membership!

What a great opportunity to embrace sustainability and support Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

Being a Keep New Zealand Beautiful member showcases your commitment to the environment and comes with member-only benefits, including opportunities to participate in initiatives such as Clean Up Week and Plant New Zealand Beautiful. As a member, you can request a clean-up kit for free and get 20% off full-priced items in their online store. Create an Environmental pledge that gives you and your whānau some guidance on sustainability and how you can do your bit for Aotearoa.

Answer our simple question to be in the draw.

Congratulations to our winner from the last newsletter – Pam from Rangiora, Allen from Lower Hutt and Casey from Auckland – Enjoy your Rebel Sports voucher!