Don’t get stuck in the middle of 2022

Get inspired for a roaring second half.

Mondays are fun days!

Mondays are fun days!

And Fridays are fab…. Get ready for two public holidays in June.

OK, where did the first half go? As we almost reach the middle of 2022 what better time to pause, reflect and celebrate life this year.

This year, Aotearoa New Zealand celebrates Matariki for the first time with a national holiday meaning, from now on we will have two long weekends that fall in June/July.

Queen's Birthday Monday 6th June
Queen’s Birthday Monday 6th June
Matariki Friday 24th June
Matariki Friday 24th June

Whether or not the national holidays are a holiday for you, they can still represent the occasion to observe the rituals common to most public holidays – coming together, reflecting on the past, thinking about the future and sharing good food.

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate the birth of a new year and the birth of the world’s longest-reigning monarch.

Going back

Going back

‘Driving Home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea is so many people’s favourite Christmas song. Many cultures have the tradition of going home to celebrate a special time of year – it is an opportunity to connect with family, friends and our own identities.  Have you considered travelling back to ‘where you come from’?  Maybe it’s part of the country that doesn’t get as many tourists and the local businesses can enjoy your visit as much as you do.

If you can’t be where you ‘come from’, try revisiting another significant place you may not have returned to – where you had your first New Zealand pie, the earliest picnic spot you can remember or even a school camp.

High Kai

High Kai

Queens Birthday high teas seem to be popping up all over New Zealand. Glenbrook Vintage Railway invites you aboard their dining carriage for a first-class experience by steam train.  The scrumptious menu is fit for a queen!

If you can’t make it to an event, why not lay out the tea set and doilies and create your own classic high tea at home for friends and whanau.  Don’t forget to crook your pinky finger as you sip! 

Enjoy some of the great events happening around you celebrating Maori kai and culture.  From Christchurch’s ‘Garden City Mākete’ to Bay of Island’s three-week-long festival – dawn cruise with breakfast at Otehei Bay anyone?

Shed some starlight on things

As nature often provides us with a calm environment to either be alone with our thoughts to reflect or walk and talk with others, planning some outdoors time could be good for the soul as well as good for the environment.

Matariki is the cluster of stars that appears in the early morning sky so why not try some stargazing these holidays?  Can you spot this famous constellation also known as the Pleiades or Subaru – use this handy guide. If you can’t get a good view, you can watch it live-streamed on Pure New Zealand’s Facebook page and take a moment to enjoy the pristine sky over Tekapo, reflect on the passing year and the one to come.

Family tree tradition

Family tree tradition

Rituals help us to nurture our spirit and bond with our whanau. Why not create your own for these holidays?

‘Plant a tree for the jubilee’ is an initiative inviting everyone in the UK to plant a tree to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Planting a tree is a wonderful way to remember those who have passed, make a promise to the future and help ensure the earth’s wellbeing – all at the heart of Matariki.

So plant a tree this June and celebrate two national holidays for the price of one!

May all your hopes and dreams for this Matariki come true and may you have happy and safe holidays from all the team at New Zealand Couriers.
No borders to business with our International Services

No borders to business with our International Services

With travel restrictions ending New Zealand is fully opening back up for business is it time for your business to venture abroad?

If the challenges of the past two years have kept you busy just living in the moment and unable to consider wider opportunities, now could be the time you can start to think global. 87% of companies agree that international expansion is needed for long-term growth and there are many other reasons for looking overseas.

Knowing where to begin and taking the first step can be daunting.

International shipping

Understanding international shipping can be confusing and time-consuming – how will you navigate the complexities of different countries’ regulations or consumer markets?

That’s where our international team come in. Logistics is central to your success and New Zealand Couriers will help you from the initial planning phase right through to getting your product into your customer’s hands.

Identifying your needs now and adapting them as you expand is the way to keep your international shipping efficient and effective – we guide you through the process and

Making international shipping easy is what we do:

  • 7,000+ items moved around the world every month
  • 900+ happy customers sending every month
  • 220+ regions covered
  • Trusted international partners extend our capacity, reliability and speed
  • Wide range of options for international post and courier services
  • Operating internationally since 1981

It’s no wonder we have the know-how, tools and services to help you map out your international strategy, take your first steps and see your business grow and thrive.

Our international team can help you overcome the hurdles, reach out to new markets and benefit from a truly international customer base.

So as so many kiwis look forward to experiencing the world again, get ready to experience our international services as you take your business to the world.

Read more and contact us today to access the resources and support you need to start your international journey.


Who will make a difference for our poorest kids? We can!

New Zealand Couriers are proud to support KidsCan – NZ’s largest charity providing the essentials so Kiwi kids can learn.


It is an absolute privilege for us to work with KidsCan to make New Zealand a better place for Kiwi kids who are affected by poverty.

KidsCan help tamariki experiencing hardship by providing food, jackets, shoes and health products to over 1000 schools and early childhood centres across New Zealand.

With the weather getting colder and the cost-of-living crisis cutting deep, these essentials are even more important, allowing kids to participate in learning and have the opportunity for a better future.

It would be great if you could also get involved.
Tools to help you plan your courier send…

Tools to help you plan your courier send…

With Covid still a real factor in most of our lives and how kiwi businesses operate, it is important to understand what is happening in the transport world.

Our Network Status Framework allows you to see how our network operates and performs.  We assign each Branch and Sector within our network one of four Status levels on our Dashboard, this means you understand possible impacts on your business and your customers – and can plan accordingly.

In addition to this, we have regular Domestic Delivery Updates online – these give you further insights into what is happening with deliveries around New Zealand.

The team at New Zealand Couriers works incredibly hard to keep your items moving and delivered on time, but being able to go online and understand what is happening in different parts of our country, does allow you even more insight into what is happening. 

Just another way the team at New Zealand Couriers has ‘got it sorted’.


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Win a pair of Bose QuietComfort® Earbud Headphones!

Congratulations to our February winners Dale from Rangiora and Lisa from Auckland – enjoy using your restaurant vouchers!