Escape the crowds this holiday season

Here are some hidden gems, new innovations and Loud Shirt Day is coming!

The best-kept secrets for the perfect holiday getaway

Enjoy the celebrations!

Christmas is when everyone wants to get out and enjoy the celebrations. However, sometimes the crowds can be too much. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, here are a few places where you can go to beat the crowds and enjoy your holidays.

Lake Okaro (Rotorua)

Take a dip in Lake Okaro, or as it’s known to the locals, ‘Ngakaro’, or take advantage of the free entry for children on Christmas at Rotorua Heritage Farm. There are plenty of places to see in Rotorua.

Larnarch castle (Dunedin)

Take a gander around New Zealand’s only castle, Larnarch castle and consider grabbing some high tea there while overseeing the gardens. The castle is rich in history and filled with vintage furniture, family drama, and artwork.

Waioeka Gorge Scenic Reserve (Tauranga)

If you’re planning on driving through the Waioeka Gorge Scenic Reserve, stopping at ‘the Historic Tauranga Bridge’ is a must-see. The views from the bridge are stunning, and it is the only surviving harp suspension bridge in New Zealand.

Christchurch Lightshow

A Christmas lightshow has been happening on 650 Strands road, Christchurch, since 2011. More than 300,000 colourful lights decorate this residential property’s front yard, and 99.99% of the space is utilised.

Hawkes Bay wineries

Once in Hawke’s Bay, you won’t have to look far for wineries. With over 200 vineyards and 70+ wineries in Hawke’s Bay, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding where to start your wine-tasting journey.

Kai iwi lakes (Northland)

The Kai Iwi Lakes, located north of Dargaville, are stunning basin-type dune lakes. The gorgeous blue lake with sandy bottoms is perfect for families: The water is clear and warm, the sand white, and there’s plenty of space to set up for the day.

While you’re on holiday

Whether you decide to stay in one place or travel, we hope that you’re planning to beat the crowds this Christmas! Speaking of planning, if you haven’t already, take the time to fill out this form with your business’s closing dates. We recommend filling out this form so we can deliver it to you when it matters most.

If you are closed only on statutory holidays (Dec 25-27 & Jan 1 – 3), you do not need to fill out this form.

Enviro360: New Beginnings for Old Plastic

Enviro360: New beginnings for old plastics

Even though our courier packs are already made from 80% New Zealand-sourced recycled material,  it cannot be easy to work out what to do once you’re finished with them. That’s where our new Enviro360 recycle bag comes in – the bag you fill up when you’re done with your used courier packs.

Fill your Enviro360 with used courier packs, and we’ll take them away and deliver them to SaveBOARD to upcycle into brand-new building products.

Why is Enviro360 important?

New Zealand only has the ability to recycle three types of plastic, which results in the other plastics being sent to landfills locally or being exported (for example, type 4 soft plastics).

The Enviro360 provides an effective solution to managing and reducing type 4 soft plastics, preventing them from having to go to landfills.

The Enviro360 can take any used Class 4 plastic courier packs. No need to take the labels off. We’ll even take competitors’ packs.

More about Enviro360

In partnership with SaveBOARD, New Zealand Couriers have taken another sustainability step forward by developing the Enviro360 recycling bag.

When the Enviro360 recycle bag is full, New Zealand Couriers will pick it up and deliver it to SaveBOARD to upcycle it into brand-new building products.

Developed initially for our government clients, the Enviro360 was designed to help all participating government agencies, and now all Kiwis and Kiwi businesses recycle used courier packs.

Support The Hearing House with Loud Shirt Day!

Loud Shirt Day is Friday, 24 February 2023!

With next year around the corner, we’re proud to continue our support of Loud Shirt Day. Loud Shirt Day is the national fundraising campaign for The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) – the only two charities in New Zealand dedicated to helping children and adults with cochlear implants learn to listen and communicate.

New Zealand Couriers are long-time supporters of The Hearing House. Over the years, we have helped by distributing the Loud Shirt Day registration packs nationwide and, of course, registering, donating and wearing ‘high-volume’ shirts each year.

We encourage our customers, partners and employees to register and fundraise for this important event. Cochlear implants and hearing aids can be expensive, so fundraising is a crucial part of the process. If you’re looking for a way to get involved, we encourage you to start a fundraising page. With your help, we can ensure that deaf children can access the same opportunities as their hearing peers.

Get next year ready by signing up for your team or organisation today!

Support The Hearing House. Find out how to host your own event here.


Win a Stand-up paddle board, and a Enviro360 recycle bag and stand!

Make the most of the summer and be prepared for next year’s sustainable efforts!

The Alpha 2022 Single Layer Inflatable Paddleboard 10’4″ is the perfect way to take a load off this summer. It comes with a high-pressure pump, backpack, 3-piece paddle and 3M Coil leash. Plus, we’re giving away an Enviro360 stand and bag, which means you can recycle used courier satchels and have them delivered to SaveBOARD.

Answer our simple question to be in the draw.

Congratulations to our winners from the last newsletter – Sarah from Auckland and Pamela from Christchurch – enjoy your KNZB memberships!