Missing or damaged goods

What to do if my item is missing or damaged

What to do

In the event that your goods are missing or damaged please follow these steps:

  1. Perform Track and Trace
  2. Enter your ticket number and click 'Track Courier Ticket'
  3. Click on the 'Lodge Customer Services Query' for this item or call Customer Services on
    0800 800 841 with the following information. You will need to provide:
    • Ticket number for your missing item
    • Date and time sent
    • Sender’s and Receiver’s full address and contact details
    • Details of the contents, packaging and the value of the item
  4. Record the NC number given to you by the online query or customer services.

Note: this number is required on a claims form, in the event that you have to complete one.

The Process

If an item is missing:

  • Inform us that the item has not been delivered within 14 days of dispatch.
  • We will contact you within 1 hour of your lodged query with a progress report and provide regular updates until the item is located.
  • In the event that your item cannot be located you will need to fill in a claims form. This will be sent to you within 7 working days.
  • For all claims classified as a "Loss", a Statutory Declaration form to be completed by the receiver.

If an item is damaged:

  • Inform us that the item has been damaged within 7 days of delivery.
  • We will need to sight the item and the packaging it arrived in. We will arrange for the item to be returned to the New Zealand Couriers branch it was sent from. If we are unable to sight the item and the packaging your claim may be declined.
  • If the item is salvageable or repairable, they will be returned to you for assessment.
  • Once appropriate course of action has been determined, we will pass this on to our Claims Department to begin the claims process. A claims form will be dispatched to you within 7 working days. Alternatively you can download a Claims Form and send it to your nearest branch.

Claims forms

To enable us to assess and finalise your claim please:

  • Complete all the details on the Claims Form. The NC number that you received from customer services will be needed on the claim form for it to be processed.
  • Ensure the information you provide is clear and complete - spaces or "not applicable" (N/A) are not accepted.
  • Sign and date the form.
  • Attach a copy of the original invoice to your client for the item/s.
  • A tax invoice charging New Zealand Couriers Ltd at the price it cost you to acquire or produce the item/s.
  • A copy of the original invoice for the item/s missing or damaged from your supplier.
  • Proof of purchase, receipts, bank statements, original packaging, manuals or even photos etc.

Note: The sending of this information and claims form does not constitute any acceptance of liability by New Zealand Couriers Ltd.

Our policy

  • Notification to New Zealand Couriers is required within 14 days for a lost item and 7 days for a damaged item. Claims lodged outside these times will result in your claim being declined.
  • On receipt of all relevant information, your claim will be processed within 30 working days for domestic and 21 - 22 working days for international items. You may decide if the payment will be made by cheque or direct credited to your account.
  • New Zealand Couriers will pay claims to a maximum value of $2000NZD (GST inclusive) for items travelling in New Zealand, and US$20 per kg up to its declared value for international items. This does not include prohibited items.
  • Prohibited and Dangerous Goods.
  • Your claim will be actioned in conjunction with our Conditions of Carriage.

My account

Check the pick up address for your account

You can check the pickup address you have provided for your account by visiting our Check Pick-up Address page. Just enter your phone number and PIN number and then press "Confirm Address". The pick-up address details registered against your PIN number will be displayed. If you want to update these details, please contact customer services on 0800 800 841.

Click here to check the pick up address for your account.

Lost or forgotten PIN number

Click here if you have lost or forgotten your PIN number.

Prefer to pay by Direct Credit?

Customers have the option to pay their accounts by direct credit bank transfer. For more information about how this arrangement can be set up please refer to this document.

Send NZ

Q: How do I find my local branch or Delivery Link Partner (Agent & Collect / Send Point)?

A: Our branches and Delivery Link Partners (Agents & Collect / Send Points) are listed in the Contact Us section of the website.

Q: Can I buy E-packs and tickets if I don't have an account?

A: Yes. You can buy tickets and E-packs from your local branch or Delivery Link Partner (Agent & Collect / Send Point). Check the Contact Us section of the website for details of your local branch and Delivery Link Partner (Agent & Collect / Send Point).

Q: If I book a courier using either the internet or VAN, how long will it take for them to come and pick up my parcel?

A: Our couriers will usually pick up a parcel within two hours of your pick up request during normal business hours and depending on where in the country you are. Please contact your local branch on 0800 800 841 to confirm the service standard for a pickup from your location.

Q: Which ticket should I use for my item?

A: The type of ticket depends on the destination. Your Delivery maps and schedules will tell you which ticket to use or try our online Address Checker tool.

Q: How many tickets do I use on my parcel?

A: The number of tickets required is determined by the weight and size of your parcel (whichever is greater)*. Our Ticketing Guidelines will help you calculate the size of your parcel and tell you how many tickets you need to use or try our Ticket Calculator.

*Should rural delivery or Saturday delivery be necessary, an "RD" or "Sat Del" ticket is required, these incur additional charges.

Q: Don’t have the correct ticket? - You can send your item with a Charge Label.

A: If you do have an account with us, but do not have the correct ticket, your courier can fill-out a "Charge Label" for your item. This means your freight will still travel immediately, so your customer will still get their item in a timely manner. The cost of the item will be billed direct to your account. The price will be at standard "cash sale" rate and a slight extra fee will be included to cover the manual processing of the Charge Label.

Q: What are the maximum weights/dimensions I can send? How do I measure the item?

A: The maximum weight per item is 25kgs. The maximum length is 1.8mtrs. Our Ticketing Guidelines will help you to calculate the size of your parcel.

Q: Where is my parcel/item?

A: You can use our Track and trace function to find out if your parcel/item has been delivered. To use Track and trace you will need to know the ticket code and the ticket number. Both tickets and E-packs have a reference code for you to keep. If you have not kept the reference portion of your ticket then you will need to contact Customer Services on 0800 800 841.

To learn how to lodge a query on an existing consignment online, click here.

Q: Do you have a list of items that you can’t carry?

A: Yes, New Zealand Couriers has a list of Prohibited and Dangerous Goods which give details of goods we are not able to carry.

Q: Is this address rural delivery?

A: Check your address with our online Address Checker tool.

Q: Can I get Saturday delivery to a specific address?

A: Check your address with our online Address Checker tool.

Q: Can I send Dangerous Goods via NZC?

A: If the Dangerous Goods are deemed acceptable in regards to our Dangerous Goods Policy then Dangerous Goods can be carried providing all necessary documentation has been provided and each item sent has an NZC DG ticket attached.

Q: What is a DG ticket?

A: A DG (Dangerous Goods) ticket can be purchased along with other pre-paid products. It is adhered to every parcel containing dangerous goods (in addition to the relevant paperwork). The purchase of this ticket covers the cost of the administration and resource involved in sending dangerous goods.

Q: How do I know if the address I am sending to is a Residential Delivery?

A: Check your address with our online Address Checker tool.

Send international

Q: How do I contact New Zealand Couriers International?

A: Phone us on 0800 655 010 or click here to email.

Q: How does volumetric conversion affect my international shipments?

A: All international consignments shipped with New Zealand Couriers are charged for based on the total weight of the consignment, with the greater of actual or volumetric (dimensional) weight applying.

What is ‘Volumetric Weight’?

The volumetric weight (or dimensional weight) of your shipment reflects the space taken by bulky but light consignments in the hold of an aircraft, where space is very much at a premium. Once the volumetric weight has been calculated it is compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

Calculating Volumetric Weight

To calculate the volumetric weight of your international consignment, please use the following formula:

(Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)) divided by 5000

Note: Should a consignment’s total chargeable weight be 7.35 kg (total weight or volume) then the shipment cost will be based on 8 kg.

Q: Can I send an international courier item using New Zealand Couriers?

A: Yes. New Zealand Couriers delivers to over 220 countries worldwide. We offer a range of different International Services and products. For more information visit the International Services page of the website or call 0800 655 010.

Q: Can I charge my existing New Zealand Couriers account to send an international shipment?

A: Yes. You don't have to open a new account to send items internationally. Your statement will itemise the charges for both your domestic and international courier items.

Q: Where do I find the New Zealand Couriers International Terms and Conditions of Carriage?

A: A complete version of our International Terms and Conditions of Carriage are available on the website. You can also find a shortened version on the back of the sender's copy of the consignment note.

Q: How do I find out more about New Zealand Couriers International services?

A: You can check the international sections of the website under International Services and Sending Items Internationally. If you still have questions then you can call our International Customer Services team on 0800 655 010 and speak to one of our International help desk officers.

Q: Are there any international security regulations I should be aware of?

A:Effective from the 9th April 2009, the CAANZ introduced new air cargo security regulations (NZ Civil Aviation Rules – Part 109) which tightens handling procedures for freight. The aim is to ensure safety on international aircraft. As part of these heightened procedures, New Zealand Couriers is required to be authorised by a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) and to advise our clients of these regulations. All international freight handlers in New Zealand have to conform to these new rules.

The result of these regulations is the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) requires all international air cargo to be security cleared. The clearance is intended to prevent the placement of explosives or incendiary devices on aircraft as an act of unlawful interference. To enable New Zealand Couriers to effectively security clear all freight, CAANZ requires us to maintain a register of 'known customers'.

Q: What is the "Flexible Fuel Factor" and is it relevant to me?

A: The Flexible Fuel Factor (FFF) is a charge that is applied to both Domestic and International Courier Services to off-set the current fuel volatility. The total price you pay for a courier product/service will comprise of two components - the base price and the flexible fuel factor. Multiplying the base price by the flexible fuel factor will give the total price.

Click here to see our current FFF rate + information and FAQ's about this surcharge.

Q: How do I complete an International Courier Consignment Note?

A: All sections on the Consignment Note must be completed in full, including contact details of both the sender and receiver. Please note: we do not deliver to PO Box addresses.


If no service is selected the International Express Service will be provided and invoiced.

Q: Do I need to complete a Commerical Invoice form?

A: A Commerical Invoice form is not required if you are sending documents. However, a Commerical Invoice form is required for all non-document consignments.

For more information click on the link Completing International Paperwork.

Q: What is the International Express service?

A: International Express provides trouble free delivery worldwide including 1-2 business day delivery to main centres in Australia and 3-4 business day delivery to main centres in Europe, Asia and the USA. This includes door to door delivery, customs clearance and proactive tracking. Please Note: Delivery targets may vary depending on customs.

For more information visit International services.

Q: What is the International Economy service?

A: For less time sensitive freight than International Express, International Economy is available to selected destinations worldwide for items over 10 kilos. This includes door to door delivery, customs clearance and proactive tracking. Please note: parcels may take a little longer depending on customs.

For more information visit International services.

Q: Are there any weight restrictions?

A: For International Express the maximum weight per item is 25kg, however you may have multiple items on one consignment note. The total consignment weight must not exceed 500kg.

For International Economy the maximum weight per item is 70kg and a maximum palletised weight of 1,000kg.

Q: How will my consignment be charged?

A: Your consignment will be charged by either the actual weight, or volumetric weight whichever is greater of the two. For more information click on the link International Pricing Guide.


If no service is selected the International Express Service will be provided and invoiced.

Q: What method of payment can I use to pay for my consignment?

A: We encourage anyone who uses the international service frequently, to set up an account with New Zealand Couriers. If you are an existing customer you can use the same account number to send international. This gives you the ease of paying for domestic & international courier services from the same monthly invoice.

If you are an occasional shipper you can go into any New Zealand Couriers depot nationwide and pay by Eftpos, Chq, Cash or Credit card. Please phone 0800 655 010 for all international enquiries nationwide.

Q: Are there any international charges that I should be aware of?

A: Export Entry Fee - All shipments with a value over $1,000 will incur an additional $17.94 (incl GST) export entry charge as levied by customs under the 'Customs and Excise Act 1996'.


If no service is selected the International Express Service will be provided and invoiced.

(New Zealand Customs regulations require a formal export entry to be completed for all export shipments valued at more than $NZ1,000. A fee is charged by Customs to the person or organisation completing this process, New Zealand Couriers do not make any margin on these fees).

Q: Are there any fees or regulations that I should be aware of with New Zealand Customs?

A: New Zealand Custom's website is a resource available to importers and exporters to ensure they keep updated with the latest news, regulations and requirements to facilitate the importing and exporting of their goods. Should you have any questions please contact our International Help Desk on 0800 655 010 or via email.

Q: Delivery Duty Paid (D.D.P.) Administration Fee

A: If D.D.P. or "free domicile" is required a $30 administration fee will apply. This is simply to recover some of the costs involved in having duty/vat charges reversed back to origin which is a time consuming manual process.

We are not be able to offer this service for cash desk customers, as we can only charge back the duty/vat after they have been incurred at destination.

Q: Is my item classified as a Document or Non Document?

A: If you are sending documentation, blank forms, mail, business proposals, business cards, manuscripts, annual reports, visa applications, passports (to certain destinations so please check), invoices then these are classed as "Documents" and you will only be required to complete the international air waybill (consignment note). Airline and event tickets can be sent at shippers risk but will require a letter of indemnity to be signed. For any other shipments not classed as a document then in addition to the air waybill (consignment note) a commercial invoice is required. Please also refer to our International Paperwork section for further information.

Handy hints

Q: Hate waiting on the phone?

A: Now you do not even need to pick-up the phone to get our couriers on the job. To save time and cost making phone calls, why not try booking a courier online. All you need is your phone number and ‘PIN’. A message will be sent to your courier and you will be given a reference number. It is that easy!

Alternatively you can book a courier in under 10 seconds by phoning V.A.N. (Voiceless Activated Network) on 0800 692 687 and entering your PIN. You can also track your parcels online. Be sure to keep a record of your satchel or ticket's unique number so that you can Track and trace online, peel off the customer portion from the E-Pack or Ticket and store in safe place for future reference or to pass on to the person you are sending to so they can also monitor its progress.

Learn how to lodge a query on an existing consignment online.

Q: Running low on courier tickets & E-Packs?

A: Make sure you have enough E-Packs and tickets in stock so you don’t run out – To order more online through Order products, all you need is your phone number and PIN.

Q: Don’t get caught out - getting your ticketing right

A: When using courier tickets ensure you place the correct ticket type (Local/Shorthaul/Longhaul/Inter-Island/Saturday/Rural) on your parcel. Also the correct number of tickets is important. This will ensure you are not charged extra for under-ticketing.

Q: Unsure which ticket or how many?

A: Take the guess work out by using our online ticket calculator. By entering your items destination, weight and size, the ticket calculator quickly & accurately determines what you need to send your parcel anywhere nationwide.

Correct packaging, labelling and securing of your items helps us to deliver them safely and on time. Click here for our packaging and labelling guidelines which will help you to comply with our Conditions of Carriage.

When addressing your parcels make sure you are sending to a physical address as New Zealand Couriers do not deliver to PO Boxes and please make sure you include a phone number so we can contact you or the receiver if we need to.

Try our Ticket Calculator.

Q: Address Checker - Rural address? Saturday delivery? Residential delivery?

A: Now it's simple to check and get your ticketing right. New Zealand Couriers arranges delivery to thousands of residential and rural addresses nationwide and provides Saturday delivery to main metropolitan areas. Our online Address Checker tool lets you check whether your delivery address is residential, rural, or if we deliver there on a Saturday.