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Our international courier service offers delivery to more than 220 countries and importing from over 170. With our specialised options and expert support we can ensure international sending or receiving is at the right price, in the best time, with every possible convenience.

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If you have a courier account with us, youíre automatically set up to send and receive international too. Thatís right Ė one account means one point of contact, one invoice and hundreds of possible destinations. SoÖ where do you want to send?

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With our step-by-step guide youíll find international deliveries straightforward and convenient. Once you know where you want to send (or receive from) itís a quick and easy process to get your item on its way.

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We can also help you fast-track security (avoiding potentially costly delays) and get customs sorted. Then itís simply a matter of booking it with us and it'll be on it's way before you know. Any queries you may have are handled by your reliable and familiar New Zealand Couriers team, or you can check the delivery status at anytime with our online track and trace application.

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